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Parish Priest - Father Tom Davis


It was a great joy to me when I became the Parish Priest of St Margaret and St Chad's in October 2019. Before ordination I worked as a Youth and Community Worker in East London and then moved on to more specialist work with young people with severe learning and behavioural difficulties. I have served as a priest in a country parish, three sea-side parishes and two inner city parishes. Throughout my 20 years of priestly ministry, I have always been involved with the schools within my parish and have enjoyed being a part of the school community. Since I was appointed the Parish Priest, I have enjoyed being part of St Margaret's School visiting at least once a week. I look forward to the many years that I will be able to do so.


The Vicarage, 61 Chapel Road, HOLLINWOOD, Oldham OL8 4QQ

Tel Vicarage (0161) 681 4541 / Parish Office (0161) 682 5106


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