School Council Minutes 2017-18

Please see our minutes below:

School Council Meeting - 6th March 2018

All present

  • School Council Representatives will be coming round each day to sell raffle tickets for the Fairtrade hamper. This is to help drive awareness of the issues of unfair trade. Each raffle ticket will cost 50p. If any staff would like to donate a Fairtrade item to make another hamper that would be great.
  • We have also discussed The Jump Rope for Heart, which will take place the last week before may half-term. Children will be sent home with sponsor forms nearer the time and each class will be asked to do the activities during PE. This is to support The British Heart Foundation.

Buddies for the friendship bench have been reminded of their role.

School Council Meeting - 22nd January 2018

  • Thank you to all School Councillors for asking their individual classes how they would like to design the friendship bench. Children have come up with some really good phrases too! Buddies have already been chosen for when it is up and running. Ideas to be passed onto Mrs Crompton.
  • Suggestions this week:
  • We help raise money for the British Heart Foundation. Mrs Lawson has sent off for a fundraising pack.
  • Children are asking for more Art, as places in Art Club are limited.

Additionally, children have been asked to start thinking how we can raise money for school funds at Easter.

School Council Meeting - 11th December 2017

All present (except Brook Class) who were performing their nativity.

All the suggestions from each class have been given to Mrs Crompton with regards to extra equipment/resources in the school yard.

Year 6 have asked for some wet play resources. Their class representatives will feed back to the class.

Children have asked for sauces with their school dinners. Hassan J has been given the responsibility of proposing this to Lisa in the kitchen.

It has been suggested that a friendship bench can be set up in the playground, where if a child has no one to play with they can go and sit on this bench. We were thinking of then having friendship buddies, who will monitor the bench at lunch and if they notice anyone alone, they can find them a friend. Mrs Lawson will arrange this.

School Council Meeting - 13th November 2017

All Present

  • A letter has been sent out to parents asking for a £1 contribution fro non-uniform, to help raise money for Children in Need, which takes place on Friday. The children can wear anything that consists of spots.

Suggestions to take forward:

  • Children are saying that the fruit trolley is being removed really quickly. Therefore, if some classes are later going out at break, they dont get their fruit. Mrs Lawson is to find out who is rsponsible for the trolley and hopefully resolve the problem.
  • The girls' football team are asking if they can have a separate kit from the boys. Mr.Turner is this possible?
  • School Councillors have been asked to promote sensible suggestions within their class that will improve the school.