School Council Minutes 2018-19

Please see our minutes below:

School Council Minutes - 30th January 2019

Mujib absent

This year Fairtrade Fortnight will start on the 25/02/2019.
The focus this year is cocoa. Many farmers are underpaid and exploited. This means they can’t earn enough for basics that most of us take for granted, including healthcare, education and housing.
However, for women the pay is even worse and despite all their hard work, they are likely to see even less pay. 
International Women’s Day will fall on the second Friday of Fairtrade Fortnight. Therefore, it’s a great opportunity to get everybody together sharing Fairtrade chocolate, while celebrating women.
It would be nice if each class could bake something using Fairtrade chocolate. It could be something as simple as melting chocolate and dipping fruit into it. If anyone wants me to pick up any chocolate during half term, then please just let me know.
Additionally, we will be doing a hamper full of Fairtrade items. The children can then buy raffle tickets for 50p each, with a chance of winning the raffle.The raffle tickets will be sold during Fairtrade Fortnight, with School Council coming round at morning break so please encourage your class to support this worthwhile cause.
Moreover, I will buy some Fairtrade coffee to go in the staffroom, with a donation box. It would be greatly appreciated if we could all just drink at least one Fairtrade coffee in turn for a voluntary contribution. 
Thank you
School Council

School Council Meeting - 18th December 2018

Twist Class absent

Our School Council badges have arrived from when we took part in the leadership day at Oldham Council. The winning design was The Linkers. However, they have only sent 12 and we specifically asked for 14. I have emailed to ask for another two to be forwarded as soon as possible. In the meantime, we have presented one to Theo, who sadly leaves us this week. Thank you for all your contributions Theo.

Gingerbread biscuits supporting Fairtrade will be baked after Christmas. A letter will go out beforehand listing ingredients and price.

Additionally, books have arrived that you asked for with the proceeds from the Book Fayre. They will be scanned and placed in the library for everyone to access.

Lastly, we will be holding interviews next term, for those wishing to apply for roles and responsibilities around school.

School Council Meeting - 5th December 2018

All present

This year we managed to raise £221.13 for Children in Need. Thanks to all those who contributed.

We decided it would be nice if children came dressed in Christmas jumpers or Christmas colours, when they are having their Christmas dinner.
Furthermore, this year Fairtrade have asked for our support again by baking gingerbread men, using Fairtrade ingredients. I have got the recipe and School Council is going to bake theirs as a group. The children have kindly volunteered to buy the biscuit, to cover the costs of the ingredients. We thought it would be nice if each class could do the same.
We have collected all your roles and responsibilities that you would like to have ownership of. School Council will be looking at these and distributing accordingly. Maybe you would have to write a letter of application, stating why you would be the perfect candidate. We will let you know very shortly. However, some roles will just be designated by your teacher for eg. cloakroom monitor, or sharpening pencils, as each class would benefit from these if they’re not already.
Thank you
School Council

School Council Meeting - 14th November 2018

Hassan absent

This week School Council will be supporting Children In Need. We have sent a letter out asking for a £1 contribution for a non uniform day. Children can either wear spots, which is the theme, or just wear yellow if they've not got anything with spots.

We have asked Miss Dunks to chase up whether a winner has been chosen yet, for the design of a new school council badge that we did on our school leadership day.

Representatives have been asked to ask their class if there are any roles or responsibilities the children would like to have in and around the school.
Can teachers please find them five or ten minutes to do this, the younger children might need some prompting.

School Council Minutes - 22nd October 2018

Joseph absent 

School Council have sent off a fundraising pack to Fairtrade, which involves baking biscuits. The ingredients used would be Fairtrade to support the farmers. I was thinking probably each class would buy their own ingredients, bake the biscuits and then sell them in class to cover the cost of the initial ingredients. This isn't until November, so I will let you know once the pack arrives. 

Additionally, we discussed about maybe having lanes for racing on the yard. Children often like racing against each other but nearly end up colliding as there are no markings in place for them. School Council will speak to Mr Whittle. 

We raised an incredible £105 to go towards a Mental Health Charity, with the fantastic contributions from those children who bought a raffle ticket. The lucky winner was Jessica from Brook Class! 

School Council Minutes - 8th October 2018 

Maicie E absent

We will be going on our trip this Wednesday. Lucy and Hassan have informed me they have an inhaler! Is there anyone else?

As from tomorrow School Council will be coming round to sell raffle tickets to go into a draw to win a ' Yellow Box of Sunshine'. The box will contain all items that are yellow to raise money for mental health.

Thanks to Devon, Twist and Heron class for making their suggestion boxes.

Has anyone got a camera please?

School Council Minutes - 24th September 2018 

  • Our School Council have been invited to the Council Chambers, to take part in a School Council Leadership Day. This will take place on the 10th October. It will involve activities around teamwork and leadership skills. A letter will be going out to the children it involves.
  • I have suggested that they try and decide which suggestions we could take forward in improving our school. Don't worry if there isn't time for this.
  • Today was just an introduction, getting to know each other and discussing what their roles will be. They have also been asked to make a suggestion box before our next meeting, which we will be holding fortnightly on a Monday. Additionally, prior to our meeting,

Furthermore, we discussed ways of raising money to support Mental Health Day. Mrs Greenwood is going to forward some information, which will include activities for whole class work.