School Council Minutes 2016-17

Please see our minutes below:

School Council Minutes - 16th June 2017

  • All School Council present 
  •  School Council have given Mr. Whittle and Mrs. Crompton our request for a scramble net/wall in the playground. Obviously, it will depend on safety issues. 
  •  Oak Class are the first on the rota for litter picking in the yard. We will send a rota out to each class. At the moment, it will just be the School Council Team. However, this could change.
  •  Zahra and Adam fed back to us on their day as a Healthy School Champion. They suggested that every morning everyone completes what is called a happy mile. Apparently, it is to calm people down before they start their learning. Mrs Lawson will find out more information off Mrs. Greenwood and Mr. Turner. 

Suggestions this week: 

  • Children have noted that the locks are not working properly on the girls’ toilets; Mrs Lawson is going to check. 
  • It was suggested that we do more PE. Oak Class reported they only get 40 mins, by the time they’re changed.
  •  Lots of children are eating chocolate, biscuits and cake at playtime. Can staff please reinforce that it is supposed to be fruit or an healthy alternative with the children?

School Council Minutes - 9th June 2017


  • Twist Class absent from meeting.
  •  The tyres in the playground area, are now open and ready to use, along with the Forest.
  •  Mrs Jones is going to arrange an opportunity for the children on packed lunches to eat outside.
  •  Mrs Lawson has given the list of our favourite food to Lisa for the end of year dinner. She will propose the suggestion to the relevant people and get back to us. 
  • School Council are going to start picking litter up from around the playground, on a Friday morning.

School Council Minutes - 26th May 2017

Adam from Durban absent 

Walid from Heron absent  

  • Mrs Crompton has informed us that Joshua’s memorial will be installed very soon. It would be nice to perhaps have an opening ceremony of this. Maybe School Council, along with Joshua’s family? Mrs Lawson will speak to Mr Whittle about this.
  •  Additionally, we will be deciding, which other equipment we think the children of St. Margaret’s would like to have in their playground.
  •  School Council members today will be asking children on school dinners, what they would like to have as their end of year dinner. The favourite will then be passed on to Lisa from the kitchen.
  • One suggestion this week was whether the whole school could take part in an art day?

There was a couple of duplicated suggestions about the astro at dinner. They were whether boys and girls could mix the pitches and play together. Mrs Lawson is going to ask Mr Turner and Mrs Jones whether this would be permitted.

School Council Minutes - 19th May 2017

All school councillors present.


  • Today school council voted on, which designs will be placed on the totem poles in the garden.
  • We chose two out of every class.
  • The designs were amazing and proved we have extremely creative children in St. Margaret’s.
  • The children do not know whose have been chosen yet. We will do this in due course.

We have also asked Mr Whittle if our idea of smart sacks being removed from our chairs is a possibility.

School Council Minutes - 12th May 2017

  • Anya-Twist absent
  • Lexi-Brook absent
  • Following on from last week, we have now collected the data of which children are on packed lunches. Miah and Nabila have presented the information to Mrs Jones, to maybe facilitate children on packed lunches to eat outside.
  • Miss Webster and Mrs Crompton are arranging for some bins in order that we can recycle more. 
  • School Council have unanimously chosen the water feature to be placed in Joshua’s memorial garden. It is aptly called ‘The Friendship’.
  •  Most classes appear to be on their way with their designs for the totem poles.
  • If anyone is struggling for an idea, I did a lovely RE lesson last year. The children had to illustrate the names given to God e.g. Bread of Life, The Chief Cornerstone(some children drew a church building emphasising the corner brick, holding up the foundations,) or The True Vine (children actually drew a vine). There are lots that can be illustrated.
  • Suggestions this week:
  • Mr Darling has suggested the old nursery outside area to be made available for the younger children to play in.
  • Can the older children go to EYFS more often? 

Oak Class have suggested going back to just having baskets on their tables for their equipment. They don’t think there is enough room in them and that they easily rip!

School Council Minutes - 28th April 2017

Durban and Brook absent (School Trips) 

Following on from previous suggestions:

  • The Trim Trail, which School Council had input in choosing, has now been completed. Everyone appears to have enjoyed experimenting with it today.
  • The tunnels are now being installed in the forest and should be completed early next week.
  • Oak class have designed some labels and posters to be placed around their classroom to encourage recycling and saving energy. School councillors from other classes reported that they don’t think this has yet been done in their respective classes. Therefore, they’ve been asked to promote this.

Each class has been asked to create a design for the totem poles in the garden. It can be curriculum linked, for example if your topic is rainforests or animals, they could be designed around that. Additionally, it could be any topic the class would like to choose, if your topic wouldn’t quite be appropriate. They have been given three weeks to complete and submit these designs to School Council. School Council will then choose the best two from each class to be transferred to the totem poles. Hopefully, this will all be completed just after half term.

School Council Minutes - 21st April 2017

  • School Council representatives have been given the role of ensuring that recycling is taking place in the classrooms and that electricity is being saved, by turning off the lights, computers or what else is involved, when going to assembly etc. 
  • It would be great if each class could design some posters/labels, which could be mounted in their classroom and a few chosen to go around school promoting this.


 A couple of children have been asked to come and ask staff members on going suggestions, which relates to them.


School Council Minutes - 24th March 2017

  • All Present
  • We are still waiting to hear back from some of our suggestions last week.


Suggestions this week.

  • Can the children have an Art Week?
  • Additionally, can they bring in their own pencils to write with?
  • An adult checking uniform at the entrance door.
  • Children have asked for P.E twice a week.
  • Furthermore, can the forest now be re-opened and the tunnels installed, now the weather is getting warmer.
  • School Council at the end of each term were asked what rewards would motivate them to attend school every day.
  • Suggestions were, that children with 100% attendance could:
  • wear non-uniform
  • watching a film in the hall
  • extra break
  • astro in the afternoon
  • sit next to their friends in the afternoon

School Council Meeting - 17th March 2017

  • All present.

 Suggestion this week:

  • Can the children on packed lunches eat outside (on the benches) when the weather gets warmer?
  • We will discuss this when the weather becomes warmer.
  • Mrs Deighton has asked the school council if we are willing to participate in the Green Tree Schools Award. This is run through the Woodland Trust, who work with schools across the UK, encouraging outdoor learning and helping teachers inspire their pupils about woods, trees and wildlife.

We will definitely be interested in this.

School Council Meeting 10th March 2017

  • All present 

Following on from the suggestion last week of multi skills being available for KS2. I've spoken to Mr Turner and he's willing to rotate between KS1 and KS2.

This being dependent on whether they'd still be enough clubs available for KS1. Would have to check this with Mr Whittle.

Suggestions this week are:

  • Brook class not to be last for dinner in KS1, as they feel they are not being allowed more food, due to the fact KS2 are still to have theirs.
  • Children are always asking for days off etc when it's their birthday. Therefore, we came up with the idea of maybe non uniform day the day of their birthday. If their birthday was to fall at the weekend or half term, it could be done the Friday before.
  • It was additionally suggested, that the staff could wear uniform too. Polo t-shirt with school name on?

School Council Meeting 3rd March 2017

  • All School Councillors present


 Suggestions from this week: 

  • Can the girls please have their own football kit, rather than sharing the kit that the boys wear? 
  • The occasional themed lunch, depending on what is being celebrated in the world etc.
  • Is there an opportunity for KS2 to take part in multi-skills or zumba? 
  • I have collected some of the experiences children want to carry with them, from now until they leave. When all the experiences are collected, I will pass on to Mr Whittle.

School Council Meeting 3rd February 2017

All School Councillors present

  • Responses from our suggestions last week:
  •  Mrs Jones has opened up the forest area at dinner-time.
  •  Mrs Turner is looking around to see if we can enter any swimmimg competitions. 
  • Miss Bilton has a letter prepared to go out to parents about water bottles, which will probably go out on Tuesday. 
  • Well done to Durban, who gave us a suggestion for the transfers to go on the walls. 
  • This was, quotes from the children on how we demonstrate our BECOME skills. Thank you. 
  • School Council came up with the idea of people who have shown resilience, eg J K Rowling, who Mr Whittle was talking about in assembly, or Ernest Shackleton. 

Suggestions this week is: 

Music in the hall on a Friday at the end of every half term.

School Council Meeting 27th January 2017

Marley (Oak) absent

All other councillors present

  •   Following on from our suggestions last week, Mr Whittle has agreed that children can bring in their own water bottles. However, a letter will go out for this, so please don't permit this yet.
  •  Additionally, Mr Turner is going to have a look if there are any swimming competitions we could enter.
  •  Mrs Lawson has spoken to the site manager about saving water, with regards to the toilets. 

Suggestions this week 

  • A big thank you to Devon, as they were the only class to come up with a class suggestion. 
  • They have suggested whether people on packed lunches can eat their dinner on the benches outside. This has been suggested before, School Council decided to leave this until the weather becomes warmer. Thank you Devon. 
  • Children are asking when the forest can be re-opened.

 Can each class come up with ideas of what transfers they would like to see around school, like our BECOME, that are on the stairs? This might be people who have inspired us, or characters from our favourite books.

School Council Minutes 20th January 2017

Sarah (Devon) absent

All other councillors present

Suggestions this week:

  • Can the children have new water bottles at the end of the year, in addition to new lids?
  • Alternatively, can they bring in their own? 
  • More wet play equipment, can teachers maybe ask children if they’ve got any spare games to bring in?
  • Are there any opportunities for children to enter swimming competitions, (Mr Turner)?
  • Can we help save water by placing bags in the toilet cisterns, (Site Manager)? 
  • Each class has been asked to come up with a suggestion for next week.

School Council Minutes 6th January 2017

  • Marley absent
  • Chair of meeting – Charlie from Twist Class 


  • More school trips throughout the year to enhance our learning.
  • Ropes in the garden (school council have plans for this).
  • Alternate sports on the astro so it’s not always football.

Alternatively, not both pitches football, one pitch could either be hockey, cricket or rounders.

School Council Minutes Friday 2nd December 2016

  • Charlie from Twist absent-all other members present.
  •  All School Council members were encouraged to promote their suggestion box in class.
  •  Mrs Turner has offered to rota KS1 and KS2 for cookery club. This it to be checked with Mr.Whittle.

School Council Minutes 11th November 2016

Chair: Adam Duffy 

  • All present for meeting apart from Naima (Durban)
  •  To celebrate Children in Need, Mr Whittle has agreed to have a non-uniform day, the theme is spots with a donation £1. A letter is going out tonight. 
  •  Lisa has agreed to make biscuits also for this also for those on school dinners.


  • Cookery club for Ks2
  • More wet play toys/ equipment - if children have games at home that they do not use, could they bring these in?

School Council Minutes 21st October 2016

All Councillors present with the exception of:

Adam Duffy (Durban)

Walid Lelou (Heron)


Chair of Meeting: Kaiden Jackson

Points from the previous week:

Lisa is still awaiting confirmation of whether juice is allowed on Fridays at lunch time.

Benches hopefully will be in the forest very soon.

Year 6 will place a charity box in reception hopefully for people to place their spare change in ( to raise money for El Salvador).

All children were pleased with the opening of the astro turf at lunchtime.

Suggestions from this week were as follows:

Science lessons to be more practical with the children experimenting.

Possibly the astro alternating the sport available ( cricket and rounders).

Litter monitors in the forest area as children had noticed empty bottles and crisp packets.

We were thinking maybe one class each week picking two monitors.

Father David suggested weighing it and a prize given for the winner. We could weigh it on a Friday morning during the meeting.

Maybe this could be extra play like the attendance cup.

Raising money for Children in Need with a non uniform day on Friday 18th November. The theme this year is spots.

Lisa providing a bear shaped biscuit to represent Pudsey.

Maybe filling a jar full of counter, buttons or smarties and the children have to guess the correct amount.

A prize could be given for the winner.