School Council Minutes 2019-20


Please see our minutes below:


School Council Meeting  10th December 2019


Aliza Twist Class absent

This week School council representatives have been asked to carry out a questionaire with their class. Some of the older children will be carrying it out with those classes that don't have a representative.

We have asked the office for a total for the amount we raised for Children in Need. Therefore, will let you know in due course.

Furthermore, we have decided to hold a Christmas jumper day on the day of Christmas dinner. Alternatively, they can wear Christmas colours.

Suggestions this week:

Children are asking for equipment in the garden area. They are going to come up with a list of ideas.

Again, a therapy/school dog was suggested.

Well done to the classes who have made and brought their suggestion box to the meeting. Can the other classes please have one done by our next meeting.