Pupil Leadership

At St Margaret's we endeavour to make pupil voice central to the running of the school: giving children responsibility as well as nurturing collaboration, leadership and negotiation.  Pupils are championed to take thier skills and involve themselves in pertinent discussions around the direction of the school.  in the early years there are opporunities for pupil voice to be a catalyst for learning, guiding and ddirecting the shape that the curriculum takes and as children progress through school, led by children in year six, a supportive and welcoming space is created where all pupils feel they can voice their opinions.

For the academic year 2022/23 the following pupil leadership groups in place:

  • School Council
  • Ethos Committee
  • Reading Committee
  • Student Stewards

We also have a group of Mini-Mentors as well as a number of Sports Leaders.

Please see below for details of each group.


School Council 2022-23


 ¬†Welcome to Our School



Ethos Committee 2022/23

Reading Committee 2022/23

Please click on this link to access our Reading for Pleasure Newsletter. 

Student Stewards 2022/23

Mini-mentors 2022/23