School Uniform

School Uniform

Parents are asked to send their children to school tidy and appropriately dressed for the weather of the day. 

Uniform can be purchased from Debonair (Oldham Indoor Market) with the school emblem on, but cheaper alternatives (without the emblem) can be obtained from most high street supermarkets.

School ties and book bags are available to purchase from the school office.


Uniform to Purchase from the School Office


Elastic ties £3.00

Ties £3.50

Book Bags £4.50

Poly Book Bags £1.00

Winter Uniform

  • Skirts and trousers will be light/mid grey only
  • KS1 and KS2 - Pale blue school shirt and school tie
  • Nursery and Reception - Pale blue polo shirt, no tie
  • Navy blue V-neck jumper, navy v-neck sweatshirt, navy v-neck cardigan Grey socks or grey tights
  • Ordinary flat heeled black shoes. High heel shoes and boots are unsafe for the school environment. No coloured or striped shoes and no trainers.

Summer Uniform (optional)


  • Light blue (not navy) gingham dress, white socks and navy cardigan.


  • Light/mid grey school shorts



Watches and stud earrings are the only items of jewellery which may be worn at school and these must be removed during P.E. and swimming lessons.  Teachers are not to assist children with the removal of jewellery. If children cannot remove it themselves it should be taken out at home on the days the child does PE. Any articles removed should be locked in the teacher’s cupboard for the duration of the lesson. No other jewellery is acceptable even on non-uniform days.

Hair, Make-up and Nails

No makeup, nail varnish or false nails should be worn during the school day. Temporary transfers or fake ‘tattoos’ are not acceptable.

During term time pupils are not allowed extreme or fashion hairstyles, which includes dyed or streaked hair, shaving, patterns and tramlines, mohicans and mowhawks.  Hair gel is not allowed.


Hairbands and Bobbles

Any hair bobbles worn at school should be plain and in royal blue, navy or black.  Headbands should be thin and plain in royal blue, navy or black.  Fancy bands with adornments e.g large flowers should not be worn for school.