Approach to teaching Music at St Margaret's 


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Approach to teaching music (Intent, Implementation, Impact)

The following document gives information about which aspects of music children will be covering at different times of the year.

Music Long Term Plan 2022/23

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How to BECOME a Musician

Music is taught across all classes who use both the Active Music Scheme of Work and the Charanga scheme.  Children in year two also have the opportunity to take part in whole class instrument tuition whilst at St Margaret's.  

For the academic year 2022/23 Brook Class are learning the Ukulele with Mr Andrew Howsley from Oldham Music Centre, a group of year three children are continuing to learn the Ukelele as well as children in years four and five learning how to play the guitar. 

The benefits of music lessons include:


- co-ordination and memory improvement

-  develops creativity

- develops self-discipline and motivation

- social skills are helped by working in groups, where team-work and interpersonal skills are paramount.

- learning to collaborate, listening to each other and compromising for the greater good

-  communicating clearly and taking responsibility

-  the experience of performing teaches children to become self-reliant and individually responsible

- improvement of child’s confidence levels.

- music transcends barriers of nationality, ethnicity, creed, gender, class and age.

Ukulele/Guitar Tuition

Thursdays - Mr Andrew Housley - Oldham Music Centre

Year 2 - 9.15am

Year 3 - 10.15am

Year 4- 10.45 am

Year 5 11.15 am



Artsmark Silver Award! February 2023

St Margaret's CofE Junior Infant and Nursery School have used this Artsmark journey to develop your art and music curriculum with new schemes of work from Charanga and Access Art, increase teacher knowledge and skills and expand the range of artists you work with in school including having an artist in residence. The views of pupils are considered in the planning of arts and cultural experiences, drawing on information from your new half termly pupil surveys via google classroom. Arts and culture are valued and promoted, and you strive to ensure that all children and young people can develop and display their arts skills within and beyond the core timetable including via Arts weeks, exhibitions, performances and clubs. You have considered the diversity of the artists you teach and also considered how to make your clubs inclusive. It would be good to hear more about how you are ensuring arts and cultural provision is representative of the diversity of the setting as well as wider society, and how equitable access to the arts and inclusiveness is monitored. Artsmark is clearly outlined in your development plan. Senior leaders and Arts Leads are increasing the breadth and depth of arts learning opportunities and actively monitor the Artsmark process. Art and Music governors to assist with subject monitoring and your school improvement partner has provided one-to-one subject leader coaching for your Art and Music leads. Could you say more about how senior leaders review and revise plans to improve the quality of provision and outcomes in arts subjects? Are they supporting the development of a schoolwide arts pedagogy and understanding of what high quality arts provision looks like in your setting? Do you have a shared understanding of what quality in the arts and cultural curriculum means? Could you say a bit more about how you work in partnership with The Fairy Godmother, ISingPop, One Day Creative and Oldham Music Service? What is the nature of the partnerships? Have you worked together to develop your curriculum, run teacher CPD or create lesson materials? You have good plans in place to develop including increasing the range of visits to arts organisations and setting up a pupil arts council. Will pupils be able to contribute actively to the planning and delivery of arts, cultural and creative experiences and take ownership of their engagement and personal progression within the Arts through this? In all this work you should continue to consider how you will measure impact on outcomes for pupils and staff.'

Music Resources

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KS1 Music Resources


KS2 Music Resources