Home learning for Reception 

Dear Parents/Carers

Whilst we are off school most of your child’s work will be set via Class Dojo. We will post daily English, maths and phonics activities for children to get involved with, plus other fun activities and ideas. Your child can access Education City and Numbots with the login details we have provided. You can also access further home learning ideas for you and your child by clicking the link below. 

It would be great if you can continue to support your child’s learning journey and the progress they have made so far whilst schools in England are closed due to COVID-19. The projects cover all aspects of learning, and provide opportunities to maximise their learning whilst at home.  We would encourage you to complete about two hours learning per day with your child, but this is very much your parental choice. ‘Learning’ in EYFS does not mean sitting still; as you
will see from the projects we encourage you to be active and do fun activities. Don’t worry if this seems overwhelming; just do what you can and above all, keep reading and singing!  This is the most important thing that you can do with your child.

We love seeing photos of your child’s work or activities that they have completed. Please post them to the portfolio section of Class Dojo so that all their work is in one place.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to message us on Dojo.

Many thanks for your continued support.

Miss Shields, Mrs Ferris and Mrs Thompson

This week's learning projects are now live - Week 12 (wk beg 13th July)

File icon: pdf Week 12 Reception Learning Project.pdf [pdf 240KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Week 11 Reception Learning Project.pdf [pdf 258KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Week 10 Reception Learning Project .pdf [pdf 247KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Week 9 Reception Learning Project .pdf [pdf 309KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Week Eight Reception Learning Project - Summer B 2020 week 2.pdf [pdf 312KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Week-7-Learning-Project- Reception.pdf [pdf 250KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Week-6-Learning-Project- Reception.pdf [pdf 267KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Week-5-Learning-Project-Reception.pdf [pdf 229KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Week-4-Learning-Project-Reception.pdf [pdf 222KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Week-3-Learning-Project-reception.pdf [pdf 332KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Week-2-Learning-Project-EYFS.docx (1).pdf [pdf 83KB] Click to download
File icon: docx Week-1-Learning-Project-EYFS.docx [docx 86KB] Click to download