Welcome to Reception 2020-21

Reception 1 are taught by Mrs Thompson (Mon to Wed) and Mrs Ferris (Wed to Fri).

Reception 2 is taught by Miss Shields.

Our teaching assistant is Miss Boland.

We are a 45 placed Reception, based over 2 classes and our sessions are from 8.50am – 3:15pm.

Reception Classroom

Take a tour of our classroom. We have lots of different areas inside including a:

- Phonics, Funky Fingers and Writing Area

- A Construction Area

- Reading Corner and Home Corner

Reception Outdoor Facilities

Please take a look at the fun outdoor activities we have in Reception.

- Roleplay Area (Hairdressers)

- Construction Area

- Creative Area


Our Classrooms

We are located to the right of the school entrance within the EYFS unit. We have a brilliant, large well-resourced classroom with many areas in which to explore through play and investigation. We have daily access to our lovely garden, trim trail, storytelling area and bike track.

Curriculum Overviews 2020-21

Please select the document below to see what we will be learning in Reception this term.

File icon: pdf Reception 1 & 2 Autumn One Curriculum Map 2020.pdf [pdf 51KB] Click to download

Reception Autumn Topic Resources

Please click on the picture link to find a selection of topic resources for our children in Reception Class. 

The resources are a great and fun way to support and supplement your child's learning in school, develop their knowledge of the topic and encourage their love of learning.

External Link Icon Marvellous Me
External Link Icon Once Upon a Time
External Link Icon Nursery Rhymes
External Link Icon Harvest

Our Day

In Reception we start our day the minute the children enter school. The children collect whiteboards and pens as they settle and begin to mark make and write. We practice writing our names, numbers, and letters and eventually we even write sentences and complete addition and subtraction questions.

We start the session by engaging in “Phonics”. Good quality teaching of Phonics is essential to help your child develop their reading and writing skills. This is where the children will learn the letter names and the sounds they make, how to blend and segment simple words such as cat and bus, and eventually learn to read and write simple sentences. Parents can access the jolly phonics songs via the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=COJdn6sbbsk

We also have ‘Maths Meeting’ time where we explore number and shape, space and measures. In school we use ‘Ten town’ to support the teaching of number. The children love to engage with the characters and stories available. Parents can access information about Ten town at www.tentown.co.uk. 

During the session, children enjoy having time exploring our wonderful areas of provision. We have lots to discover, including our beautiful home corner, storytelling den, creative area, construction area, as well as many more. There is always something new happening in Reception!

Our outdoor learning provides the children with the opportunity to discover, problem solve, use their imagination and creative skills on a grander scale. In the outdoor environment we love to explore in our mud kitchen, storytelling area, water area as well as many more. We also have access to the large trim trail and bike track areas for developing our gross motor skills.

We love to listen to stories and sing songs. We read and sing everyday through the wide range of activities such as traditional songs, making up our own stories or even listening to others. Stories and songs are a great way to develop language and listening skills.

Home Learning

Children in Reception receive homework each week on a Friday. This can either be literacy, mathematics or topic based depending on the children’s needs.

We endeavour to engage parents in contributing to their children’s learning. We do this by creating an open door policy, giving parents opportunity to share information about their child and we encourage parents to send in samples of work, comments and photographs of their child’s learning experiences at home.

During the first term children will be given their first home reader book. We ask parents to support their child to read and enjoy these books as often as possible. In school we strive to provide weekly opportunities to read one to one with a member of staff.

Book bags for home readers are available to purchase from the school office.

We actively encourage reading and storytelling at home and will deliver in school events to support children’s learning experiences at home.

Homework challenges will be given out weekly on a Friday and will be due back in the following Friday. Homework will be linked to our learning in class and it’s a great opportunity for all the family to help and find out what your child has been doing in school!


We use a combination of two phonics schemes, Phonics Play and Letters and Sounds.  For more information and guidance about how phonics is taught in our school please click on the picture link.


General Reminders

There is a ‘voluntary’ donation of £1.00 each week. This helps towards providing extra resources such as ingredients for playdough, baking and to follow the children’s interests. This can also be paid on a half termly basis.
Please ensure that your child’s name is on all their uniform and belongings.