Year 6 SATS Information 2019

Date Activity
Monday 13 May 2019 English grammar, punctuation and spelling papers 1 and 2
Tuesday 14 May 2019 English reading
Wednesday 15 May 2019 Mathematics papers 1 and 2
Thursday 16 May 2019 Mathematics paper 3


There is no science sampling for the 2018/19 academic year.

How you can help your child prepare for the 2019 KS2 Year 6 SATs

Information for Parents - National Curriculum Tests (SATs) at Key Stage 2

Key Stage Two -  Reading Test

This consists of one paper with questions that are based on 3 passages of text. Pupils get 1 hour to complete the paper and will be answering many different question types including labelling, ranking and open-ended responses.

Key Stage Two - Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (SPaG) Tests

The written element of the SPaG SATs consists of a grammar and punctuation paper which lasts for 45 minutes.

There is also a 20 word aural spelling test which lasts around 15 minutes.

Key Stage Two - Maths Tests

Paper 1 is the arithmetic paper which will last for 30 minutes. It will contain fixed response questions where children have to give the correct answers to calculations.

Papers 2 and 3 will involve a wider range of question types including multiple choice, true or false and reasoning based. Both papers will last 40 minutes each.

SATs Support - Web-based Platforms

In addition to the work we are doing in school to prepare children for the tests, we have bought in to a number of web-based platforms which not only provide personalised questions to children based on their performance but also send feedback to staff to allow us to track progress.  Although the children get some time in school to access the platforms, this is minimal and we recommend that children spend a short time each day accessing the sites alternately.   

Read Theory ( - personalised reading comprehensions)

Times Table Rockstars (

and ( - online spelling, punctuation and grammar tests)

Should you have any further questions regarding the tests or require passwords to access your child's account on any of the websites please don't hesitate to contact either Mrs Strangwood or Mrs Whittle. 

Maths SATs Revision

The following document offers a range of maths past paper questions - just download and click on the subject areas you want.

All questions contain a youtube button next to them, so if you need help, then simply hit the youtube button to zoom off to a mini tutorial, specific to that question on GHammonds channel.

Also included are the One-A-Day Mini Maths Vidamins for Year 5 & Year 6 plus links to Thinking Outside The Box puzzle videos!


Past Papers

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KS2 English Resources

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KS2 Maths Resources

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