Welcome to Fox Class 2017-18

We are taught by Mrs S Ferris and Mrs V Thompson. Our teaching assistants are Mrs Parker, Mrs O'Farrell and Mr Ayaaz.

This is a Key Stage One mixed year group class of 29 children. Fox Class currently has 19 Year 1 children and 10 Year 2 children.

Fox Classroom

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Our Classroom

Our classroom is a large open plan classroom with a shared communal toilet area.   We share resources with Chamber class. Mrs Ferris and Mrs Thompson plan together to ensure a broad and varied curriculum is provided for all children. 

Children have the opportunity to access continuous provision in both class rooms that enables them to reinforce and enrich their learning skills and challenge their thinking. Continuous provision is split into the following areas and is linked to our topic work: Writing area, Maths area, Sand and Water, Creative table, Computing, Library, Construction area, investigation table, and a role play area.

Children learn both through teacher led activities and independent learning through continuous provision which enables them to enrich their learning skills and challenge their thinking. Continuous provision is split into the following areas: Literacy, Numeracy, Sand and Water, ICT, Reading and iPads.


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Our Day

Our day begins with a daily guided reading session. Children are grouped accordingly and work in small groups of no more than 7. During guided reading children will work with the teacher or the teaching assistant, they will also complete a variety of activities independently linked to book they have been reading.


Your child reads with an adult in school fortnightly during 1:1 reading time and also through guided reading sessions. Their book will be changed each week if the teacher feels the child is confident to move to the next book. Sometimes a child may keep a book to read again at home so they can gain more confidence with the text. It is essential we bring our book bag every day so we can read.

File icon: pdf Letters and Sounds Parent's Guide [pdf 314KB] Click to download


In maths children are continually reinforcing their knowledge of reading and writing numbers and place value. Children have been working hard on number bonds and investigating patterns in addition and subtraction sums. During Autumn 2 children will be investigating shapes in the environment and their properties.

File icon: pdf Year 1 Maths Curriculum [pdf 147KB] Click to download
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In English we explore books from a range of genre to develop our speaking and listening skills, reading and writing. We also work hard to improve our knowledge and use of different punctuation and grammar. We also develop our word decoding and spelling skills during daily phonics sessions and a weekly spelling test. We retell stories, poems and non-fictions texts using a range of talk for writing activities. These include performing the text using actions, story boards and rewriting it in our books. We also use the different texts as models to modify texts and invent our own ideas for writing new texts.

File icon: pdf KS1 Year 1 English Objectives [pdf 251KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Year 1 and 2 Text and Overiew September 2015 [pdf 569KB] Click to download

Home Learning

Homework will be given out every Friday and is due in the following Friday.

Spellings will also be given out on Friday and children are expected to practise these regularly at home in preparation for their spelling test the following Friday. Children are not expected to return their spelling sheets to school as they are needed at home to practise. Please support your child by helping them learn these spellings which are linked to the phonics phase they are in. 

Daily reading should also be undertaken with your child and a brief note written in their home reading book should be written so communication about your child can be easily passed on. You could also extend your child’s reading repertoire by taking them to the local library, look at newspapers/magazines, and look for signs and letters on the way to school.  Print is all around us and your child will enjoy playing word/letter games.  The most important message we need to give is READING IS FUN!


P.E is undertaken every Thursday afternoon and is delivered by Mr Turner. Your child can leave their P.E kit in school and take it home half termly so they do not forget it each week.  The P.E kit should be blue polo shirt and navy shorts for both boys and girls.  Pumps can be worn to walk into the hall but will be taken off during lesson time.


Parent’s assembly is held each Friday morning.  This is a special assembly which celebrates children’s success and achievements that week.  Teachers choose two children who have shown great enthusiasm and achievement in their work or attitude to learning.  We also have class assembly on a Friday where classes take it in turns to present throughout the year what they have been learning about. 


Your child can also visit the school library each week (Friday) and can change their library book and bring it home to share.  It is essential this book is looked after as a small charge will be asked for if the book is lost or damaged. 

Each week we ask for a donation of £1.00 from parents which is used to enrich the children’s learning and provide extracurricular activities.

Thank you for your continued support.