Welcome to Early Years Foundation Stage 2016-17

Our unit contains the Nursery and Reception classes. There are 52 part time places in Nursery, attending either in the morning or in the afternoon. The teacher is Mrs L Deighton and the Teaching assistant is Mrs G Swindells.

There are 45 places in Reception and these are split between two classes. The teachers are Mrs K Jones and Miss H Jackson and the teaching assistants are Miss R Steeple, Miss J Woods and Mrs Z Parveen.


Take a tour of our classroom.

Our Classrooms

We have many different areas to explore within our unit including an investigation area, our maths area, and our home corner! Have a look at the photos below!

There are creative opportunities galore in EYFS! We do lots of our learning through play and investigation!

The classes share the structured outdoor space with opportunities to reflect learning indoors. We have a wonderful bike track, a pirate pathway, story area and construction equipment galore.

Nursery Newsletters

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Reception Newsletters

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Our Day

In EYFS we start our day the minute the children enter school. The children collect white boards and pens as they settle into their spaces and begin writing. We practice writing our names, numbers and eventually we even write sentences and complete addition and subtraction questions.

In Nursery children start their session by engaging in “Squiggle whilst you wiggle” or dough disco in order to get themselves ready to learn.

We enjoy time exploring our continuous provision areas, there is always something new to discover in our investigation, maths and writing areas. Children are confident within the environment and happily engage in their play.

We also have ‘Maths Blast’ time where we actively explore number and shape, space and measures. The children also receive a daily phonic session. Good quality teaching of Phonics is essential to help your child develop their reading and writing skills. Children have the opportunity to spend a lot of time learning outside. Our outdoor area offers children the opportunity to investigate and explore, problem solve, use their imagination and creative skills in a larger scale than is possible inside.


Home Learning

Children in EYFS receive homework each week on a Friday. This can either be Literacy, Numeracy or Topic based depending on the children’s needs.

We endeavour to engage parents in contributing to their children’s learning. We do this by creating an open door policy, giving parents opportunity to share information about their child and we encourage parents to send in samples of work, comments and photographs of their child’s learning experiences at home.

During the first term children will be given their first home reader book. We ask parents to support their child to read and enjoy these books as often as possible. In school we endeavour to provide weekly opportunities to read one to one with a member of staff.


Our Topics

In EYFS we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum (EYFS). The EYFS is a play based curriculum. The children learn through hands on real life experiences and enjoy a range of topics throughout the year. Topics covered include:

Autumn term: All about me and Autumn in school

Spring term: Bears and Ground, Air, Water

Summer term: Animals and Jounneys

Through these topics the children will use their senses to explore their environment and the wider world in which they live. Children will develop their confidence and learn to form positive relationships with their peers. They will also learn to manage their feelings and emotions.

To access resources to support your child in their topic work please click on the picture link.


Children in Reception do PE once a week on a Thursday.

Nursery do PE once a week on a Friday.

Children are required to have the school PE kit to wear, this should be kept in school during term time and sent home during the holidays to be washed.