Welcome to Chamber Class


The class teacher is Miss Boland.

The teaching assistants are Mr Hussain.

This is a key stage one class of year 1 pupils.


Chamber Classroom

We are located in one of the ground floor classrooms at the rear of the school.  Take a tour of our classroom.

Curriculum Overiews 2019-20

Please select a document from below to access information about the topics your child will be learning in school this year.


File icon: pdf Fox and Chamber Class History and Geography Curriculum Overview 2019-2020 [pdf 216KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Fox and Chamber Class Science Curriculum Overview 2019-2020 [pdf 197KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Religious Education Curriculum Overview 2019-2020 [pdf 168KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf SMSC KS1 Curriculum Overview 2019-20 [pdf 118KB] Click to download

Chamber Class Newsletters 2019-20

Please select a document from below to access the relevant newsletter. 


File icon: pdf Chamber Class Autumn 1 Newsletter 2019 [pdf 170KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Chamber Class Autumn 2 Newsletter 2019 [pdf 175KB] Click to download

Chamber Class Mission Homework 2019-20

Please select a document from below to access the relevant homework grid. 


File icon: pdf Chamber Class Autumn 1 Mission Homework 2019 [pdf 55KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Chamber Class Autumn 2 Mission Homework 2019 [pdf 50KB] Click to download

Chamber Class Topic Resources

Please click on the picture link to find a selection of topic resources for our children in Chamber Class. 

The resources are a great and fun way to support and supplement your child's learning in school, develop their knowledge of the topic and encourage their love of learning.

As with any internet access adult supervision is necessary when using these resources.

Whilst every effort has been made evaluate these sites for content, St Margaret's Primary School is not responsible for the content of external internet sites.



Reading Books: Children are provided with a reading book and Reading Record. Please encourage your child to read a little each night and please sign in their reading record.  READING BOOKS TO BE BROUGHT TO SCHOOL EVERY DAY PLEASE. Please keep in the plastic bag we have provided. Further/replacement bags 50p each. Reading Records are checked throughout the week and books changed if required.  However, children can change their reading book at other times during the week if needed as we encourage ‘Reading for Pleasure.’

Here is a link to the Year 1 National Curriculum document which shows in more detail the objective we cover.



File icon: pdf Letters and Sounds Parent's Guide [pdf 314KB] Click to download


In maths children are continually reinforcing their knowledge of reading and writing numbers and place value. Children have been working hard on number bonds and investigating patterns in addition and subtraction calcualtions. During Autumn 2 children will be investigating shapes in the environment and their properties.

File icon: pdf Year 1 Maths Curriculum [pdf 147KB] Click to download


In English we explore books from a range of genre to develop our speaking and listening skills, reading and writing. We also work hard to improve our knowledge and use of different punctuation and grammar. We also develop our word decoding and spelling skills during daily phonics sessions and a weekly spelling test. We retell stories, poems and non-fictions texts using a range of talk for writing activities. These include performing the text using actions, story boards and rewriting it in our books. We also use the different texts as models to modify texts and invent our own ideas for writing new texts.

File icon: pdf KS1 Year 1 English Objectives [pdf 251KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Year 1 and 2 Text and Overiew September 2015 [pdf 569KB] Click to download

Home Learning

Spellings: Will usually be given out on Mondays to learn for spelling tests the following Monday. Completed spelling sheets need to be returned on a Monday to encourage children to complete their spellings in good time. 

Class Newsletters and Mission homework are sent out at the first week of each half term. There will be twelve tasks which can be completed at any time over the half term. We suggest compiling two pieces a week.

Things to Remember

Please make sure your child brings their reading book to school every day. Remember it is part of their school uniform.
We ask for a voluntary contribution of £1.00 which will be used to enhance the curriculum.
Spellings will be given out on Monday for a spelling test the following Monday.
PE – Our PE day is on Monday


Your child can also visit the school library each week (Friday) and can change their library book and bring it home to share.  It is essential this book is looked after as a small charge will be asked for if the book is lost or damaged.