Welcome to Brook Class 2019-20

We are taught by Miss Toal.

Our teaching assistant is ?

This is a Key Stage One class of Year 2 pupils.

Brook Classroom

We are located in one of the ground floor classrooms in school.  Take a tour of our classroom.

Curriculum Overviews 2019-20

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Brook Class Newsletters 2019-20

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Brook Class Mission Homework 2019-20

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Brook Class Topic Resources

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The resources are a great and fun way to support and supplement your child's learning in school, develop their knowledge of the topic and encourage their love of learning.

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Our Day

Our timetable may change occasionally according to needs. We begin our day with whole class guided reading (RIC). The children are given the opportunity to respond to a piece of stimulus and ask/answer questions about it.  This maybe in the form of a piece of narrative, poem, information text or video clip.

We undertake phonics/SPAG each day which helps us continue to improve our writing and reading skills. English and Maths takes place daily in the morning. We use a range of texts in our English teaching and follow the National curriculum objectives for our year group.  We begin Maths with our “maths meetings”.  These help us revisit work already covered.  We then continue with our maths lessons working in groups, in pairs or independently.  

Topic including, Science, Geography and History is undertaken in the afternoon along with Religious Education, PE, Art and Computing. This year in music Brook Class have been given the opportunity to learn to play the ukulele.  This is being provided by the Oldham Music Centre.


Reading Books: Children are provided with a reading book and Reading Record. Please encourage your child to read a little each night and please sign in their reading record.  READING BOOKS TO BE BROUGHT TO SCHOOL EVERY DAY PLEASE. Your child will read 1:1 with an adult fortnightly. However, children can change their reading book at other times during the week if needed as we encourage ‘Reading for Pleasure.’  Please keep in the plastic bag we have provided. Further/replacement bags 50p each.   

Library Books: Your child will have a library session each week and can choose a book to read in their own time, please help them to remember to return their book each week.


Maths is also taught on a daily basis and the emphasis on mathematics teaching throughout the term will be on children using and applying their mathematical knowledge, promoting their ability to solve problems. This is increasing children’s awareness of how acquiring mathematical understanding can help them solve problems that are relevant to their daily lives. There are a number of areas to be covered over the course of the term during class time. However it would be really useful if key skills such as times tables, number bonds, counting on and back in 10’s and 100’s, telling the time both using analogue and digital clocks and working out amount of time passed or needed between 2 activities or events could be revised and reinforced at home.


File icon: pdf Year 2 Maths Curriculum [pdf 258KB] Click to download


Literacy is taught on a daily basis with an emphasis on oral storytelling in order to improve the quality of children’s writing. Oral storytelling develops the children’s self-confidence as storytellers, providing a bank of possibilities to draw upon and encouraged the flow of story language and patterns that they can use when writing. If a child knows a story really well, when they sit down to write, it makes the task of writing easier because the brain does not have to compose at the same time as tackling handwriting, spelling and punctuation.


File icon: pdf KS1 Year 2 English Objectives [pdf 256KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Year 1 and 2 Text and Overiew September 2015 [pdf 569KB] Click to download

Home Learning

Spellings: Will usually be given out on MONDAY to learn for spelling tests the following Monday. 

Homework: Will be given out at the beginning of each term in the form of learning challenges. These are linked to learning in school and can be completed at any time within the half term.  It is anticipated most children will aim to achieve at least 100 points.  Children are encouraged to be as creative as they like. A range of Purple Mash activities are also included. 


Games/PE Lessons are on Tuesdays. Children will need indoor kit (shorts and t- shirt) and outdoor kit including trainers to change into.