Sports Premium 2016-17

The Sports Premium Grant is additional funding from the Government to improve provision of physical education (PE) and sport in primary schools. It is also for improving the health and wellbeing of primary pupils.

This funding presently equates to £8000 per school per year, plus an additional £5 per child. This year our school received £9190.00 in funding from the sports partnership.

Between April 2015 and March 2016 we have spent:

  • £994.18 on sporting equipment
  • £950 on providing a weekly ‘Zumba’ after school club
  • £670 on an Olympic dance day

The rest of the money has been used to fund a sports coach within school to provide two multi skills sessions a week, provide two teacher CPD sessions per week and a lunchtime club each day.

Employing Mr Turner as a multi sports coach within school has been a significant investment. His role benefits pupils and teachers by working alongside staff members to sport their professional development. This will ensure that Mr Turner’s support and expertise will not be ‘lost’ in the future and that the sports premium funding will have a lasting effect.

It has also allowed for a wider range of sporting experiences for children. In school we encourage the children to take part in as many wider sporting opportunities as possible. This in turn develops not only their sporting skills but also Social skills. There have been no parental costs attached to any of the additional sporting opportunities during the school year.

We also used some of the money to pay for 15 sport leader awards. These children all now help with the running of activities at break and lunchtimes. A proportion of the money has been used to provide break and lunch time equipment. This allows for the children to develop their skills further outside of their regular lessons.

The replenishment of resources is crucial to the ongoing development of sport within our school. Children need the appropriate equipment to aid their progress and development from EYFS through to year 6.

Our Olympic dance day was a great success with children not only learning new dance skills but also performing skills.

What was the impact?

What was the impact?

  • Increased opportunities’ for all children to access a wider variety of PE and sports.
  • Opportunity to develop the competitive element of sports and the skills of sportsmanship.
  • Develop lunchtime provision and increase the skills of children.
  • Increased skills of teaching staff
  • Develop pupil understanding of the importance of keeping fit and healthy.
  • Pupils who are fitter, Healthier and motivated to learn