About Us

St Margaret’s is a Church of England primary school, open to children from 3 -11 years of age. St Margaret's is a place where everyone is valued as an individual, where differences and diversity are celebrated and where everone can develop their potential through high quality experiences. As a Church of England school, our learning is based on the Christian values of Faith, Hope and Love. We respect the faith of all those in our school community, we demonstrate love in the way that we accept and treat one another and share hope for all that the future may bring.

The school is organised into 10 classes plus a nursery and there are three educational phases.  

Foundation Stage - consists of Nursery and our two Reception classes and is where our youngest children begin their learning.

Key Stage 1 - this is our KS1 department and is made up of Chamber Class, Fox Class and Brook Class.

Key Stage 2 - this is our KS2 department and consists of Twist Class, Devon Class, Durban Class, Heron Class and Oak Class.

School hours are from 8.45 - 3.05 (children in Fox, Brook, Twist, Heron and Oak Classes) and 8.55 - 3.15 (children in Reception, Chamber, Devon and Durban Classes).  This equates to a 6 hour 20 min day and a 31 hour 40 min week.  There are plans in place to increase the school day to 6.5 hours per day (32.5 hours per week) in advance of September 2023 after undertaking a consulation process with relevant parties (parents, after school provider, governors, etc). 

The school nursery has a range of part time places (either morning 8.45 - 11.45 or afternoon 12.30 - 3.30) and a number of full time places (8.45 - 3.30).  

Children mainly work in their class groups and are taught by their own class teacher. For certain subjects, children may be grouped differently to take advantage of specialist teaching.